Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Time for me and you {name} to have a little chat. Please Read!

Time for me and you {name} to have a little chat. (28/05/13)

You want to make money, right?

It's time to get to work...

Join ALL Primary Ad Resources FREE.
I will pay your upgrades in...
UltimateCashAds (UCA):   An amazing 1-Up Cash Back Advertising Program that pays you 100% commissions through 12 levels. 
CashInOnBanners (CIOB):   As an upgraded member your 6, 12 then 20 banner ads will be displayed on thousands of pages all over the internet. Again you get paid 100% commissions this time direct to your PayPal/Payza Account.
Up programs are especially worthwhile due to their ability to go viral and work for you on auto-pilot. You pass up 1 with UCA and 2 with CIOB but in turn, your referrals must pass up their 1-2 referrals to you too.

Now you need to add your advertising for 7K to these programs and promote them like crazy.
This should quickly earn you a little cash plus help your promotions for 7K too.

You should also go to the Core Programs and join TOAN asap.
There's no point being a 7K member if you don't join TOAN. You get UNLIMITED responsive advertising which is well worth the $20 a month by itself, make sure you post as many ads in there as you possibly can. 7K has tons of banners and text ads you can use in the Promotional Materials tab
Opt for the 15 day trial and contact me to post some ads for you, hopefully you will be getting referrals here before your subscriptions start.
Don't rely on me to get you referrals, that's your job. I'm simply here to help you. just one and the Ad Co-op promotes for you too. You will NEVER market alone here.

I'm working hard to help send spill down too but can only do so much alone. That's why we need to work this as a TEAM
E   everyone
A   achieves
M   more
Join my FB Group so we can make this happen.
We can get to know and help support each other there.

For more detailed information visit my blog. If you missed any of my mails you can read them there too.

I really want to help you work this program and finally succeed online. All you have to do is let me in.

Thank you for reading.

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