Monday, 13 May 2013

17th downline mail dated 13/05/13

Hi {name} 13/5/13
How are things going for you?
Are you on your way to earning $88.5K a month with TheOnlineAdNetwork?
Are you on your way to earning $88.5K a month with TrafficWave?
Are you earning enough to cover your subscription costs in these and The7KTeamSystem from promoting the Primary Ad Resources here?
I am!!!
You could be too!!!

All you need to do is commit.
First of all join UCA and CIOB from within the Primary Ad Resources here at 7K and add your IDs in there.
I will pay your upgrades so it wont cost you anything.
Just mail me to let me know you joined with your username/number so I know which account to upgrade.

UCA and CIOB pay 100% commissions of $5 (up to $3,100) and $10 for everyone you bring in (these are here not only to help you promote 7K, but also to help cover your subscription costs).
They are also 'up' programs which mean you pass 1/2 up but then your referrals pass 1/2 up to you so soon your downline and earnings will continue on auto-pilot.
Make sure you claim this bonus from me. 
NO OBLIGATION to do anything else. Just my gift to you for reading this mail.

Next you should use the advertising you get in UCA and CIOB to promote your The7KTeamSystem link.
Make sure you have added your links for UCA and CIOB within the Primary Ad Resources in 7K.

You should also consider joining all the Secondary Ad Resources too. They ALL have a FREE option and come with some of the most responsive advertising out there. If they did NOT they wouldn't be included here. The aim is to get your ads seen and grow your business here.

Now you should join TOAN and take up the 15 day FREE/$1 trial (yes, you will need to pay at least one $19.95 subscription payment before you start earning).
As soon as you join TOAN, email me and I will add you to my rotator plus post banner and text ads all over the internet for you.

You just need to get 1 upgraded TOAN member below you to qualify for the FREE Ad Co-op position here.
Plus you still have the chance to join the UIT team build for our downline too, although now you will be added to the bottom of the list.
I wish you had listened earlier but you still have the best chance ever of earning quicker online with our dedicated TEAM. Contact me after joining TOAN for instructions to get signed up.

Once you have joined and started earning from TOAN you might want to consider joining TrafficWave and upgrading here at 7K too.
This opens up the whole 7K site to you and will help double your income.
REMEMBER just getting 3 at all of these makes your membership FREE and soon you will start earning more.

I am (and the entire membership here is) here to help you.
You will never work alone again.
The7KTeamSystem's success relies on our success.
Isn't it worth .70c a day to build your own complete business and be on your way to earning $88.5K in each of our 2 core programs?
You can easily earn your membership fees from promoting the primary ad resources (or do as I do and offer them FREE when  members join you).
This really is the most perfect and complete business on the internet or anywhere else.
You are already a part of it, so you might as well commit and start earning from it.
Any questions, reservations or just want a little reassurance, make sure you get back to me.

I really am here to help you.
I can't offer any guarantees or do it all for you but I CAN and WILL be here for you and help you all I can.
The rest is up to you but if you really want it, you WILL get it.
I highly recommend you at least give it a try.
Join UCA and CIOB FREE (I'm paying) then take up the 15 day FREE/$1 trial at TOAN and add all your banner and text ads for 7KUCACIOB and TOAN in there along with any other business' you are promoting (and make sure you use all the advertising you get from all the primary and secondary ad resources).
I will add your CLOAKED/TRACKED 7K guidebook link to my rotator until you have 3, and post 1 each banner, button, log-in, traffic link and hot link at 153 TAEs with a membership of 66,235.
You have never been in such a great position than you are in right now and probably never will be again.
Take the plunge, bite the bullet, and dive in right now.
I know you want to.
What's stopping you?
I look forward to hearing from you.

To our mutual success.

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