Saturday, 25 May 2013

FOCUS 7 Day Success Plan. OMG. So simple it's GENIUS!!!

Hi {name} (25/5/13)

So simple it's GENIUS.

I know you ALL joined here to try and make some money online, right?
Well just sitting there reading this isn't going to get the job done.

Log-in here at The7KTeamSystem and read the FOCUS 7 Day Success Plan.

Actually, NO!!!

Apply the FOCUS 7 Day Success Plan!!!

Please, I BEG you, get back to me if you need help.
I am here to support every single person in my TEAM.
No problem cannot be overcome here.

Language Barriers:-   I find Google Translate an amazing resource in communicating. Keep the text simple and use proper punctuation and this translates adequately enough to be understood.

Limited time:-   Using the FOCUS 7 Day Success Plan all you need is an hour a day, but you can miss a day here and there as long as you complete week one and stick to the PLAN whenever you get the time.

Limited Advertising Resources:-   FOCUSSING on the 7 Day Success Plan enables you to use the same ad resources as everyone else and add to them weekly if you need more.
Plus there are some very responsive ads sites within the Primary and Secondary Recommended Resources here at The7KTeamSystem.
Make sure you join and use them all.
Once you join TOAN our core program and main advertising resource site I will upgrade your UltimateCashAds and CashInOnBanners accounts for you (A $15 value)

Limited Finances:-   I know working online is hard and earning money can be sporadic, but if you go all out and get your links out there over a few short weeks FOCUSSING on promoting The7KTeamSystem and ALL it's resources you WILL soon be earning a regular monthly income.
EVERY business, online or off requires some initial investments of time and money.


Here at 7K we can take it one step at a time and build our business as we start earning.
Just .66c a day for TOAN, then I highly recommend you join TrafficWave for just .60c and finally upgrading here at 7K for .43c a day.
In July Clint will be adding SuccessQuik to our core programs too.
This will be a one-time payment through 12 levels which will really get things moving and everyone earning here.

Okay, even .66c a day to start is a lot to some of us, which is why I recommend you join and promote UCA and CIOB to help bring in that initial $20 a month. Both of these programs are viral, meaning once you get active referrals, your income grows on auto-pilot as they need to pass 1-2 referrals up to you, and these pass-ups will continue to do the same throughout eternity.


Here's what to do right now...

This blog is NOT yet ready for publication, but read this page, follow the instructions (in my opinion the best way to get started with 7K).
Eventually I will add all the aids we all need to take 7K offline too which is my plan right now.
This will be done in the form of training aids and print-offs.
Make sure you follow by email to get my updates mailed directly to you, keeping you informed as and when I work on my blog, and also helps me get my page indexed and rated hopefully bringing even more members into our business.
ALL new members coming in through my page will be sent as spill down to my TEAM and by using my rotator link for my UPGRADED TOAN referrals could assign them directly to you.
You can read any of my mails you may have missed on there too, I use our mails like this one to provide content to my blog.

So I guess I can leave it there for now.
Hopefully, this will help you get started by eliminating some of the barriers you may have here.
Make sure you get back to me if you need anything at all.

I am looking forward to your...
I have completed Day 1/2/3 etc of the 7 Day Success Plan emails.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness.

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