Monday, 13 May 2013

15th downline mail dated 03/05/13

Hello {name} (03/05/13)
I really need you to do this NOW!!!
UltimateIncomeTeam #3 is set to launch 7am CST tomorrow.

Make sure you have joined both...
TheOnlineAdNetwork [TOAN] via the link in your The7KTeamSystem back office (taking up the 15 FREE/$1 trial or making sure your account is in good standing)
UltimateIncomeTeam [UIT] the team build for TOAN via The7KTeamSystem.

There are ONLY 46 members at this time (some of us already have our 3 TOAN upgraded members so will be promoting solely for your benefit, others have 2 and some 1, those of you about to join or that have no upgraded TOAN members yet are to be placed first.

Every new member to join will sign up under one of you. 
That means that this will cycle fast next-in-line style starting with those of you that have no TOAN downline.
I have tons of advertising saved up and will be using it to promote this TEAM BUILD heavily from the off.

Also for everyone in my TOAN downline I am placing one each, banner, button, log-in ad, traffic and hot link to one of my TAE multi submitters.
This advertising is worth more than your first subscription cost and will be in the system for on average 1 year.

Also if you join UCA and CashInOnBanners through the Primary Ad Resources I will pay your upgrades saving you a further $15.

Once you have joined TOANUIT, (CIOB and UCA are optional) reply to this mail with your 7KTeamGuideBook cloaked/tracked link and I will post your ads for you. Make sure you cloak/track this link before sending it to me, so you can see how well your ads are doing.

Remember if you have a TOAN upgraded member, or as soon as you get one you SHOULD claim your FREE Ad Co-op position here at 7K.

Well that's all for now.

PLEASE DO NOT miss out on this opportunity.
It's probably the best one you will EVER have to make a lot of money online.

I can't promise you it will happen overnight, but you have the chance to be right at the TOP of this build and more likely to succeed as part of this TEAM than going it alone.

Once this launches tomorrow you WILL lose your chance to be a part of this build unless you join 7K again 
under someone else and start from the bottom.

Take a chance, at most this will cost you under $0.70c a day and this cost will reduce with EVERY member that joins under you down 10 levels

The potential earnings just with TOAN is $88.5K a month and you can double that by joining TrafficWave later and in the meantime top up your income with unlimited $10 and $5+ payments through CIOB and UCA.


I look forward to hearing back from you.
P.S. REMEMBER:- You can get started today absolutely FREE.

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