Monday, 13 May 2013

10th downline mail dated 19/04/13

Hello again, 19/4/13.
New members, WELCOME to my not quite daily updates.
I just attended todays first of 6 back to back 20-30 minute presentations.
You should attend at least one, on the hour every hour until 9pm EST.
You can stick around afterwards and get to know me and our community plus get any questions answered.

Access Link:
Username: {name} - kymmandco
Password: multiplestreams  
If you got my email Wednesday you will already know that your account is in jeopardy if you DO NOT join TOAN from the Core Program link within The7KTeamSystem site.

Those of you that haven't joined from that link WILL be deleted soon. You CANNOT add an existing TOAN link either.
ONLY members from the 7K downline will be accepted into the Ad Co-op. This may NOT concern you, but your referrals will soon realise that they have joined and promoted a link that does NOT belong here.

Now what I want you to do is read this...The7KTeamSystem. A Step by Step Guide...: Setting Up Your The7KTeamSystem Account And What To Do Next...

It's not quite finished but there's enough to start with.
Follow my blog so you get notified of my updates too.
I wish you ALL every success.
Kindest Regards.

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