Monday, 13 May 2013

5th downline mail dated 05/04/13

Yes {name}, it's me again.(5/4/13).

Great response from my mail yesterday, thanks to all of you who replied.
Now I know you ARE reading and have a better insight as to some of your circumstances.
You can still join all the other contained programs here FREE and use the advertising you get to create income streams that might help you towards your TOAN subscription in the future. 
Just a thought!

I was also advised that I'd catch more flies with honey. NOT really my thing, but I'm willing to give it a go.
Just get to know me and you'll soon see I can be even sweeter than honey when I want to be.

Back to my tough guy act now though...

I really can't understand why the rest of you of you are still here.
Maybe you just like me mailing you every day or so, lol.
If you haven't joined TOAN, then basically you are wasting both your time and mine.

Your loss I guess. 

Some of us have seen the potential here and are working hard to build our business.
Can't wait to brag to you all in a few short months that my business is booming and I'm earning more than you will ever know.
That's how confident I am.


Join my Facebook Support Group and get to know me and our TEAM better and to ask any questions you might have.

My goal is set on filling my downline and earning up to $80K a month and bringing as many of you who want that too along with me.

I know this wont happen over night, and there will be many gaps to fill, people will drop out and need to be replaced, others might struggle and take a little more time to get their TEAM building.

Some of you WILL have to make a few subscription payments before you start earning enough to cover them. The more effort we all put in the quicker this will happen.

I also know, that if we want it enough, have active members working with us, help each other to push this downline, and have The7KTeamSystem behind us, helping our TEAM to build, eventually we WILL get there.

If you don't take up the TOAN trial, then it's GAME OVER.
We have to be in it to win it and I don't like to lose.
It's really quite simple...
Just 3 joining you in TheOnlineAdNetwork (aswell as in TrafficWave and The7KTeamSystem) will make your subscription there FREE.

TOAN is the main business The7KTeamSystem is using to help it's members finally succeed online.
Yes there are other programs included to give you either further income streams or to help you with your promotions.
You can join them all FREE and upgrade later once you start earning. Could be you get referrals follow you in and upgrade ahead of you paying your way in and/or earning you commissions.

I highly recommend you join them all FREE and add your links asap so you don't lose those sales. (You can do this to create income streams to help get you on your way while you are still thinking about TOAN).

Getting just one member into TOAN via 7KTeam qualifies you for a place in the Leader Funded Ad Co-op until you have 3.
The whole community is working to help you either through giving up a percentage of their earnings to help fund the ad co-op, by promoting themselves to send spill downline or both.

I myself am promoting the links of my TOAN members and even (via a seperate rotator inside my TEAM rotator) for my FREE referrals.
Please check your stats, you could already have members below you. One of you has lost out on the sale of an upgraded TOAN member which could have qualified you a FREE Ad Co-op position.

OUCH! I know how much that hurts. It happened to me too.

Don't let this happen to you. Simply join TOAN now from the core programs and take up the trial for $1 via PayPal or FREE using Payza for 15 days.
Use the unlimited advertising you get to promote 7KTeam and any other opportunity.
This is a complete business in a bag for less than .70c a day.

Forget everything else you are doing right now and just do this.
Take an hour each day to set up a few ads promoting The7KSysyem and TOAN.
I'm pretty sure anyone can afford to spend .70c and an hour a day to realise the potential here.

Take up the TOAN trial TODAY, contact me and I will promote your 'TRACKED' link for a month (you MUST send me a tracked link).
If after a month or two you are NOT getting anywhere, cancel your subscription.
I obviously can't do this all for you, but as long as you are active I will continue to help you.

EVERYONE knows 3 people with a $20 a month advertising budget who want to set up their own business.
Invite your neighbours round, chat to your children's teacher or parents in the playground.

Times are hard and EVERYONE is looking for something. This could be it!!!

That's my next approach, I'm taking this off-line too and presenting it to my community. I have tons of people wanting to know exactly what I do. I'm going to show them.

I'll leave you to think about it now, but will continue to contact you, and know I will hear back from you and/or get you active soon, or make you go delete your account.

BTW. I really don't want you deleting your account without at least trying it. I'll even send $1 to your PayPal account if you really need it.

Kindest Regards.
P.S. If you really love this brand new mailer system The7KTeamSystem installed today, go along to one of the QuikCashFriday presentations later today and let Clint and Margaret know. I look forward to seeing you there.
BTW the times and log in details can be found HERE!
My mails probably wont always be this colourful but I thought I'd take a little time to pretty this one up a little to test it. 
Would love to hear your opinions, please reply!

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