Sunday, 19 May 2013

Did you know you can re-join TOAN again at any time? Please Read!

Hi {name} (20/5/13)
If you are new here, WELCOME to our family.
You will get used to me sending you regular mails and I really hope you read them.

I just want to post a quick update tonight.
I'll try to keep it short as it's 3am here in the UK. I've had a hectic weekend and need to get a couple of hours sleep before I get my kids up and ready for school.

I see a couple of you have lapsed your TOAN subscriptions lately.
Don't worry, I understand totally that $19.95 is a lot to keep paying out if you are struggling to get referrals.
I know I keep telling you it's just .66c a day, but when those payments come due and your account is still empty it's quite a lump sum that's required.

That's why you need to contact me and work with me here. I really do want to help you. As a 
TEAM we can achieve so much more.
Please friend me on FB and join my 7K support group there. I will happily work with you one-on-one and help you get moving here.
I will also give you the link to a team build set up by my Sponsor Denise Hayes just for our TEAM.

I just want you to know that you can re-sign up at TOAN and take up the 15 day trial again (you can actually do this as many times as you want to, but you should wait until you have funds in place before joining).

Take me up on my offer to pay your upgrades in CIOB and UCA. Simply join them both from the Primary Ad Resources after joining TOAN, message me 'Please pay my upgrades' and it will be done.
Both these amazing programs come with 100% commissions (a 1-up and 2-up so both go viral too).
A great way to earn your subscription costs while you are building your TOAN down lines.

I'm including my TOAN link here because if you have already entered your details in the core programs you will not be under me should you sign up again.
Click here to rejoin TOAN. 

I'm going to leave it there for now, and will mail you again soon.
You can log-in here at The7KTeamSystem and turn of my mails if you don't want to recieve them.
You can also contact support to delete your account if you joined and found it is not for you.
I'd much rather just have the 9 of you that are active than the 28 of you that are NOT/NO longer active anyway.

REMEMBER if you are NOT a member of TOAN through The7KTeam this program is of no use to you anyway.
I am more than willing to help get you on track here should you need it, otherwise we are of NO use to each other and you should delete your account here move on.

What I suggest you do is this...
Join TOAN and take up the FREE/$1 trial and have a look around. (You can lapse your account and rejoin again later if you need to anyway, so why not?)
Join UCA and CIOB and message me 'Please pay my upgrades' to get your $15 value gift from me.
No other obligation EVER.
Friend me on FB and join my group, so we can work together to succeed here.
Attend at least one presentation, to see what this is really all about and get your questions answered.

To attend, please login to the conference room using the following:

Username: {name} kymmandco
Password: multiplestreams

Click Here to Login to Conference Room

Telephone Dial In if you are unable to attend the Live Web Conference:
1-218-936-4141 PIN: 4556701#

That's all.
Not costing you anything, just getting you on your way to finally achieving success.

Thanks for reading.
P.S. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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