Monday, 13 May 2013

12th downline mail dated 26/04/13

More important updates and advertising credit bonus at UCA. Please Read!
Hi {name} 26/04/13
If you are going to join TheOnlineAdNetwork (TOAN) or have recently done so you should also join UltimateCashAds(if you are NOT already a member of UCA go to the primary ad resources and join, I'll pay your upgrade).
Until April 30 Denise Hayes (our TEAM leader and UCA/GWF Admin) is offering a 50K advertising bonus at UCA.
After joining TOAN and UCA , you need to send a support ticket with the subject "UCA SPECIAL" to 7K Team System here: your full name, your email address, your 7K Team system username, and your TOAN user ID and request the coupon code for the 25,000 banner and 25,000 text ad credits.
This advertising is worth it's weight in gold, I have got several referrals through my ads at UCA.
Once you receive your code, go to Redeem Promo Code page at UCA and use it.
More good news for those of us in TOAN is that our TEAM leader Denise Hayes is also setting up her 7K TEAM build.
I will give you more details as I get them but this will basically explode our downlines here and in TOAN.
I would really like EVERYONE here to be a part of this TEAM build too.

When it's set up properly and I get my link I'll send it to you all first so you can be at the top before anyone new gets brought in. Obviously as people join they will be filling all the gaps and eventually be filling our downlines too.
Make sure you join it and get your details in asap after you get the link, okay.
As you are all probably aware I have tons of advertising at my disposal, and will be purchasing and stockpiling even more for when this begins.
Plus if you join TOAN, you will be added to my rotator link and I'll send out a ton of ads for you too.
Send me your Cloaked/tracked link so you can see I am serious about working with you.

I think the general idea is to help everyone fill our downlines in TOAN and relieve some of the pressure within the FREE ad co-op here as it gets more full.
As I said before, Denise Hayes IS one of the leaders here paying for the ad co-op so obviously she wants to make sure THAT advertising is kept as responsive as possible for those who really need it.
By setting up this TEAM build for us, many of us wont need to rely on the ad co-op or at least be moved along quicker with it's help.
Win, win all round for those of us lucky enough to already be here. Well in TOAN really, as that is where the real money is.
Those of you that haven't yet joined TOANwhy the hell are you still here?
Okay, you WILL be deleted soon, but for everyone's sake if you're NOT interested, get out.

Do you know how much time and effort this is going to take Clint and Margaret to trace all of you, message all of you, hopefully get a response from some of you and ultimately if they get no response,  double check you are still inactive and delete you?
PLEASE save them the bother, send a quick support at the HELP DESK and ask to have your account deleted.
I'm sure they will do it with pleasure, and stop wasting their time and effort on waking you up and smelling the coffee to what you are missing here.

So, that's my update, offer and moan for the day done.
I hope you liked it.

For now I wish you all EVERY success and look forward to getting to know more of you better.
P.S. Attend one of today's QuikCashFriday presentations. We don't bite and you can get to know others in our TEAM better and ask any questions you might have direct to the owners.
I'll be there, hope you can be too.
Every hour on the hour 11am-3pm EST, lasting around 20-30 minutes each including Q&As.

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