Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A HUGE apology from your 7Day Sponsor, Please Read!

Hi there.
Just a quick note to let you know that I'm back up and running and apologies for not being around much lately.
Loads of really exciting developments here at
Make sure you log-in and look around.
I was shocked to see so many changes, most for the better, but wish I'd stayed more in touch with things so it wasn't such a huge surprise.
I just want to say SORRY for abandoning you all.
It's been a long hard crawl back from the depths, but I'm all better now and ready to get back to work, it may take me a little time to get back on the ball though so please bare with me.
I'll keep in touch as often as I can and keep you up to date with everything as I get back to work.
If you don't want to receive these mails, simply log in here and delete your account. 
Thanks to automatic advertising sites I haven't fallen too far back here online and many haven't even noticed my being gone, lol.
If you haven't joined WidgetQuik, I suggest you do so.
It posts all my ads etc automatically for me via Twitter and on to my Facebook, LinkedIn etc for just $7.99p/m (50% commissions too).
I haven't even logged into any of my accounts for about a year and I'm still posting every hour on the hour like clockwork.
Some links now invalid as programs have come and gone while I've been away.
The7DaySuccessPlan and a couple of others are still running which is only to give credit to Clint and Margaret here for keeping a tidy ship, weeding out and updating to keep it from going under like so many keep doing.
It has a million other options too, create widgets/splash pages/capture pages promotes all your social networks etc.
I haven't been using it, but now I've logged in a had a look around again I see so much potential.
The7DaySuccessPlan will be my main business and priority now.
I do have some others which I'll keep but 7Day is my only focus right now and I will NOT be taking on anything else unless it's 7Day related.
I just hope that I haven't been away too long and lost you with everything else.

If you are still with me, please reply...
I'm here 100% for all my TEAM and can offer so much to help you get started here or if you just need a helping hand.
Let me know where you're at and we'll take it from there.
I look forward to hearing back from you and working with you again.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness as always.
Kymm Reynolds.

Here's my blog link...
I know it's totally out of date by now, but my offers are still valid and I hope you take me up on some of them.

Take care.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Get ready for SuccessQUIK, plus take me up on my offers...

Hi {name}
SuccessQUIK will be re-launched very soon.
Make sure you are ready.
Log-in here at 
and read the information pages within the 'SuccessQUIK' tab.

This is a one-time payment opportunity starting at just $10.
Payments are member to member so you keep 100% commissions. (break even with your first sale).

Just 2 sales and you can begin climbing the staircase to $5,000 commissions without any out of pocket expense.

You get notified when any of your referrals want to upgrade giving you the chance to stay ahead.

If you are limited with the payment processors you can offer the program will take payment for you and pay you 85% to the processor of your choice. 

You wont lose sales here ever.

I will except payments via Bitcoin (get yourself a FREE CoinBase account from the Recommended Resources/ Marketing Tools area), SolidTrustPay and PayPal and am open to any other suggestions/trades (Upgrades/PIFs into programs etc as long as they are worth $10 or more).

This is going to be awesome so make sure you get in on this one.

Clint and Margaret have really outdone themselves here. You can triple your income to infinity with the payplan. Check out Clint's presentation here...
It lasts around 20 minutes and explains EVERYTHING.

For those of you who haven't taken me up on my offers of help here, PLEASE do so.

Here is what I offer...
Just for joining FREE you get FREE SJVupgraded accounts (value $15 each) at my 4 TAEs and a MILLION points (which will purchase you a ton of advertising at each site. INVALUABLE).
You MUST reply here to request the links to my sites.

Plus I will pay your upgrades into UltimateCashAds ($5 value) and CashInOnBanners ($10 value).

Join TrafficWave and take up the 30 day FREE trial and I'll pay for your next 30 days ($17.95 value).

Join TheOnlineAdNetwork FREE for 15 days I'll post your The7KTeamSystem referral link, to one each...
BannerAd (1000 views), ButtonBannerAd (1000 views), TrafficLink (1000 views), HotLink (1000 views), a LogInAd (500 views) and a SoloAd to 147 TextAdExchanges reaching 81,000+ members.

For every monthly ($19.95) payment you make I'll resubmit each ad (this advertising alone more than covers the $19.95 subscription cost).
Please cloak/track your referral link and send it to me so you can see the results of all this advertising.

PLEASE NOTE: The tracking service that I have always previously used for all my advertising has recently disappeared, so PLEASE can you all re-send me your cloaked/tracked link again. I have set up a new rotator and will use your uncloaked main referral link until I get it).

This is a MAJOR blow to me as ALL my previous advertising for all my programs is now invalid so I am basically having to start again from scratch.

Now I know what is meant by keeping ALL my eggs in one basket.

On the upside...

A New Year and new start is upon us. 
Let's make 2014 a GREAT year.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Wishing you a very happy holiday season and much success in 2014.

Kindest Regards.
Kymm Reynolds.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Team build for SuccessQuik launch and other stuff...

Hi again {name}
Just a quick update...
Did you want to join SuccessQuik when it launches?
Let me know as we can get into a team build for it before it does.
Our upline Denise Hayes has the build site set-up ready for launch and we can get in now and be ready when it does.
Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you more info.

Starting with a one-time $10 we can triple our income to infinity with commissions up to $5000.
Clint holds almost daily webinars with all the info you need about SuccessQuik and will gladly answer any questions you might have about it or The7KTeamSystem in general.
I'm here too if you do have questions.
All you have to do is reply to one of my mails and I'll get back to you asap.

As for The7KTeamSystem...
Many of you haven't taken me up on my offers.
Just for joining 7K with me I will upgrade your CashInOnBanners and UltimateCashAds accounts saving you $15. 
All you have to do is join, reply to tis mail and I'll pay your upgrades for you. Simple as!
Both of these programs give you quality, responsive advertising and a great way to make a few dollars and like SuccessQuik can go viral paying you to infinity. 
I really don't know what you ae waiting for.

Also, should you need more advertising, join my 3 TAEs and get FREE SJV upgrades and a million points to purchase the ads you want. Reply to this mail for the links or if you are already a member contact me via support to get your bonus upgrade and points bonus.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kymm Reynolds.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!!! Last chance to opt in to SuccessQuik ahead of the masses...

Hey {name}
I'm so sorry I haven't been pushing this one...

SuccessQuik was amazing before it's unfortunate crash last year, and will be even more so once re-launched from scratch later this month.

Simply log in here at
Click HERE once logged in and follow the opt-in instructions.
It's so simple and just $10 to start.
I will also promote your link for you once it's launched to help you make money and afford the subscription programs here (ie TOAN and TrafficWave).

Those of you still not signed up to UCA and CIOB. Do so now!
I'll pay your upgrades so NO OUT OF POCKET for you.
Once you get earning money in these programs and upgrade here at The7KTeamSystem, at TOAN and at TrafficWave I will add your 7K link to my rotator too.
I am here to help you, so PLEASE take me up on my offers and let's dominate together.

Also I am heading a one-on-one build into 7K and it's incorporated programs which will hopefully start to fill within the next few weeks.
Filling WILL cause spilling through my personal downline (ie YOU!) so let's get you in asap.

Here's my build plan and details...
Subscribe to my blog too so you're kept informed on what I'm doing to help my TEAM and updated on EVERYTHING to do with 7K.

Okay, that's all for now, but I WILL be mailing you again soon with more updates so keep an eye out for those.

Until then, message me if you have any questions.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Do you want to be a part of an 'easy-peasy' 3x10 downline build and dominate MLM in 2014?

Do you want to be a part of an 'easy-peasy' 3x10 downline build?

I'm building 3 10 level lines (30 members needed) and will help you do the same.
Of course you will only need 2 10 level lines as will your line members (just 20 each required).
No outside promotions will be allowed until we have our 3 10 level lines built, and then any referrals should be encouraged to duplicate this system. 

The program I've chosen to build within is The7KTeamSystem.
I totally love this business, it's incorporated opportunities, resources, admin, support, guide, step by step focus plan, the list goes on and it's improving all the time.

I have set this up on Facebook, so you WILL need a Facebook account to participate.
Attend this event...
Join our group...
and as a TEAM we will help each other build our lines by bringing new members in.
Make sure you send me a friend request too...
I am under Facebook arrest and unable to send friend requests right now so you have to friend me.

Once we have our first 10 level line built we will join 7K one-on-one and join ALL the One Off Core Programs as FREE members. 
I have funding available to PIF members willing to do the same into UltimateCashAds
100% commissions means that this can be totally FREE to join and PIF in our first referral, then the one-up system will quickly get us earning on autopilot enabling us to upgrade through the levels there and earn even more and upgrade into CashInOnBanners which gives us double the commissions and twice as many up members as UCA level1 so we can afford to upgrade in Viral Ad Builder ($30 if upgrade within 30 days)  and Financial Fitness Club ($50 one-time).
ALL upgrades should be paid out of profit NOT pocket so this should be accessible to EVERYONE.

As this is build system is duplicated down our lines we will have a perfect 3x10 matrix filled and will be able to dominate MLM starting with UltimateCashAds ($5), CashInOnBanners ($10), SuccessQuik ($10) (launching soon and 7K members will have priority placements) plus the many advertising and resource sites (join them all FREE to start, then upgrading as we start earning and subscribing to The7KTeamSystem (21 days FREE then $12.95p/m), TheOnlineAdNetwork (15 days FREE/$1 then $19.95p/m), TrafficWave (30/up to 60 days FREE then $17.95p/m) and moving into even more opportunities that we can add to The7KTeamSystem once we upgrade there.

The7KTeamSystem has many incentives and added bonus' for upgraded members including adding a program of our own which will allow our TEAM to continue into even more opportunities in the future. 

Message me on Facebook to secure your place.
 Kymm Reynolds.

Friday, 13 September 2013

GREAT NEWS!!! The Summer lull is officially over. Please Read!

The Summer lull is definitely and fianaly over.

Hi {name}
I am so happy today.
I did an ad blast yesterday for 
The7KTeamSystem and got 4 new referrals, my niece go 2 and hopefully other members on my rotator have also got new prospects on their lists.
I have also been getting a better response to my other advertising over the past couple of weeks and have seen my downlines growing again here and in my other programs.
By the way: to get on my rotator for 7K you simply need to take up the TOAN 15 day FREE/$1 trial option and send me your 7K link (track or cloak it so you can see I'm working for you).
Hopefully with our combined marketing and working together, you will see some results before your subscription begins.
I also offer a ton of FREEBIES/Upgrades/Advertising etc just for you being on my TEAM.
All my mails since day one are published on my dedicated 7KTeam blog.
Make sure you read through them...
Kymm's Guide To The7KTeamSystem
All offers I made in the past are still valid and more offered all the time. My TEAM is like my family and I want to take care of you.
All I ask in return is a little communication from time to time and to know that you are working with me. (I can't do it all myself for everyone, but can help everyone get the job done by providing tools, upgrades, advertising and 1-1 support.
Hopefully you have kept my Welcome Email to edit and send to your referrals as they join. It also contains the link to my FB Group.
I don't want to add a load or links in here so if you want to work a little more closely with me hit reply and tell me what you need.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kymm Reynolds.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Very important update about my new 7KTeamSystem build. MUST READ!!!

Hi {name}

I'm about to start an easy peasy 3x10 downline builder.
This will be for 7K to incorporate TOANTrafficWave and more.
This is so easy you'll wonder why no-one has done it before.

Simply by building 3, 10 level lines and duplicating this system within a dedicated TEAM we can literally dominate MLM in 2014.
I have chosen Facebook as my build platform due to it's responsiveness and ease of contact. (No S*P*A*M to our email accounts, with ease of deleting, blocking and reporting of undesirable members).
To be a part of this build you MUST have an active Facebook account. Although all members will be recruited to one group it will be up to you to build 2 of your 3, 10 level lines (ie 20 members). Yes you will be supported in this and interested members will be allocated where needed to ensure this builds without any gaps.

The idea of building down 10 levels instead of across 3 under each is basically to give 
EVERYONE a kick start and to ensure NO-ONE drops out. (just having 1 below you reduces your costs by a third from the off set with up to 9 below them will help to cover the rest of your costs.

Doing this 2/3 times and helping our TEAM duplicate it, fills any holes and ensures we collect any bonus' too.
My own bonus' will be spent on advertising our TEAM to keep us building well beyond our own 10 levels and filling any gaps that may need to be filled later on should members drop out (I can't offer any guarantees that that wont happen although allocating everyone at least one member under them should reduce this occurance and all members below will naturally filter up to replace them anyway giving us some insurance we wont lose any commissions due.

This is getting a little long winded now as it's hard to explain in an email.
PLEASE, join this Facebook Group...
read the About and these Files...
and join this event...
Oh yeah, add me as a friend while you're in there...

I look forward to working closely with you to build this TEAM.
BTW. I am offering you tons of FREEBIES for being in my personal downline. Basically anything and everything I have to give including my one-to-one support and unlimited time, effort and dedication is yours. (FREE upgrades and advertising resources relevant to this build will be included).
More information will be given upon reply to this mail.
This is win/win for all of us, so let's do it and finally succeed together online.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Kymm Reynolds.