Friday, 13 September 2013

GREAT NEWS!!! The Summer lull is officially over. Please Read!

The Summer lull is definitely and fianaly over.

Hi {name}
I am so happy today.
I did an ad blast yesterday for 
The7KTeamSystem and got 4 new referrals, my niece go 2 and hopefully other members on my rotator have also got new prospects on their lists.
I have also been getting a better response to my other advertising over the past couple of weeks and have seen my downlines growing again here and in my other programs.
By the way: to get on my rotator for 7K you simply need to take up the TOAN 15 day FREE/$1 trial option and send me your 7K link (track or cloak it so you can see I'm working for you).
Hopefully with our combined marketing and working together, you will see some results before your subscription begins.
I also offer a ton of FREEBIES/Upgrades/Advertising etc just for you being on my TEAM.
All my mails since day one are published on my dedicated 7KTeam blog.
Make sure you read through them...
Kymm's Guide To The7KTeamSystem
All offers I made in the past are still valid and more offered all the time. My TEAM is like my family and I want to take care of you.
All I ask in return is a little communication from time to time and to know that you are working with me. (I can't do it all myself for everyone, but can help everyone get the job done by providing tools, upgrades, advertising and 1-1 support.
Hopefully you have kept my Welcome Email to edit and send to your referrals as they join. It also contains the link to my FB Group.
I don't want to add a load or links in here so if you want to work a little more closely with me hit reply and tell me what you need.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kymm Reynolds.

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