Saturday, 19 October 2013

Do you want to be a part of an 'easy-peasy' 3x10 downline build and dominate MLM in 2014?

Do you want to be a part of an 'easy-peasy' 3x10 downline build?

I'm building 3 10 level lines (30 members needed) and will help you do the same.
Of course you will only need 2 10 level lines as will your line members (just 20 each required).
No outside promotions will be allowed until we have our 3 10 level lines built, and then any referrals should be encouraged to duplicate this system. 

The program I've chosen to build within is The7KTeamSystem.
I totally love this business, it's incorporated opportunities, resources, admin, support, guide, step by step focus plan, the list goes on and it's improving all the time.

I have set this up on Facebook, so you WILL need a Facebook account to participate.
Attend this event...
Join our group...
and as a TEAM we will help each other build our lines by bringing new members in.
Make sure you send me a friend request too...
I am under Facebook arrest and unable to send friend requests right now so you have to friend me.

Once we have our first 10 level line built we will join 7K one-on-one and join ALL the One Off Core Programs as FREE members. 
I have funding available to PIF members willing to do the same into UltimateCashAds
100% commissions means that this can be totally FREE to join and PIF in our first referral, then the one-up system will quickly get us earning on autopilot enabling us to upgrade through the levels there and earn even more and upgrade into CashInOnBanners which gives us double the commissions and twice as many up members as UCA level1 so we can afford to upgrade in Viral Ad Builder ($30 if upgrade within 30 days)  and Financial Fitness Club ($50 one-time).
ALL upgrades should be paid out of profit NOT pocket so this should be accessible to EVERYONE.

As this is build system is duplicated down our lines we will have a perfect 3x10 matrix filled and will be able to dominate MLM starting with UltimateCashAds ($5), CashInOnBanners ($10), SuccessQuik ($10) (launching soon and 7K members will have priority placements) plus the many advertising and resource sites (join them all FREE to start, then upgrading as we start earning and subscribing to The7KTeamSystem (21 days FREE then $12.95p/m), TheOnlineAdNetwork (15 days FREE/$1 then $19.95p/m), TrafficWave (30/up to 60 days FREE then $17.95p/m) and moving into even more opportunities that we can add to The7KTeamSystem once we upgrade there.

The7KTeamSystem has many incentives and added bonus' for upgraded members including adding a program of our own which will allow our TEAM to continue into even more opportunities in the future. 

Message me on Facebook to secure your place.
 Kymm Reynolds.

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