Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Get ready for SuccessQUIK, plus take me up on my offers...

Hi {name}
SuccessQUIK will be re-launched very soon.
Make sure you are ready.
Log-in here at 
and read the information pages within the 'SuccessQUIK' tab.

This is a one-time payment opportunity starting at just $10.
Payments are member to member so you keep 100% commissions. (break even with your first sale).

Just 2 sales and you can begin climbing the staircase to $5,000 commissions without any out of pocket expense.

You get notified when any of your referrals want to upgrade giving you the chance to stay ahead.

If you are limited with the payment processors you can offer the program will take payment for you and pay you 85% to the processor of your choice. 

You wont lose sales here ever.

I will except payments via Bitcoin (get yourself a FREE CoinBase account from the Recommended Resources/ Marketing Tools area), SolidTrustPay and PayPal and am open to any other suggestions/trades (Upgrades/PIFs into programs etc as long as they are worth $10 or more).

This is going to be awesome so make sure you get in on this one.

Clint and Margaret have really outdone themselves here. You can triple your income to infinity with the payplan. Check out Clint's presentation here...
It lasts around 20 minutes and explains EVERYTHING.

For those of you who haven't taken me up on my offers of help here, PLEASE do so.

Here is what I offer...
Just for joining FREE you get FREE SJVupgraded accounts (value $15 each) at my 4 TAEs and a MILLION points (which will purchase you a ton of advertising at each site. INVALUABLE).
You MUST reply here to request the links to my sites.

Plus I will pay your upgrades into UltimateCashAds ($5 value) and CashInOnBanners ($10 value).

Join TrafficWave and take up the 30 day FREE trial and I'll pay for your next 30 days ($17.95 value).

Join TheOnlineAdNetwork FREE for 15 days I'll post your The7KTeamSystem referral link, to one each...
BannerAd (1000 views), ButtonBannerAd (1000 views), TrafficLink (1000 views), HotLink (1000 views), a LogInAd (500 views) and a SoloAd to 147 TextAdExchanges reaching 81,000+ members.

For every monthly ($19.95) payment you make I'll resubmit each ad (this advertising alone more than covers the $19.95 subscription cost).
Please cloak/track your referral link and send it to me so you can see the results of all this advertising.

PLEASE NOTE: The tracking service that I have always previously used for all my advertising has recently disappeared, so PLEASE can you all re-send me your cloaked/tracked link again. I have set up a new rotator and will use your uncloaked main referral link until I get it).

This is a MAJOR blow to me as ALL my previous advertising for all my programs is now invalid so I am basically having to start again from scratch.

Now I know what is meant by keeping ALL my eggs in one basket.

On the upside...

A New Year and new start is upon us. 
Let's make 2014 a GREAT year.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Wishing you a very happy holiday season and much success in 2014.

Kindest Regards.
Kymm Reynolds.

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