Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A HUGE apology from your 7Day Sponsor, Please Read!

Hi there.
Just a quick note to let you know that I'm back up and running and apologies for not being around much lately.
Loads of really exciting developments here at
Make sure you log-in and look around.
I was shocked to see so many changes, most for the better, but wish I'd stayed more in touch with things so it wasn't such a huge surprise.
I just want to say SORRY for abandoning you all.
It's been a long hard crawl back from the depths, but I'm all better now and ready to get back to work, it may take me a little time to get back on the ball though so please bare with me.
I'll keep in touch as often as I can and keep you up to date with everything as I get back to work.
If you don't want to receive these mails, simply log in here and delete your account. 
Thanks to automatic advertising sites I haven't fallen too far back here online and many haven't even noticed my being gone, lol.
If you haven't joined WidgetQuik, I suggest you do so.
It posts all my ads etc automatically for me via Twitter and on to my Facebook, LinkedIn etc for just $7.99p/m (50% commissions too).
I haven't even logged into any of my accounts for about a year and I'm still posting every hour on the hour like clockwork.
Some links now invalid as programs have come and gone while I've been away.
The7DaySuccessPlan and a couple of others are still running which is only to give credit to Clint and Margaret here for keeping a tidy ship, weeding out and updating to keep it from going under like so many keep doing.
It has a million other options too, create widgets/splash pages/capture pages promotes all your social networks etc.
I haven't been using it, but now I've logged in a had a look around again I see so much potential.
The7DaySuccessPlan will be my main business and priority now.
I do have some others which I'll keep but 7Day is my only focus right now and I will NOT be taking on anything else unless it's 7Day related.
I just hope that I haven't been away too long and lost you with everything else.

If you are still with me, please reply...
I'm here 100% for all my TEAM and can offer so much to help you get started here or if you just need a helping hand.
Let me know where you're at and we'll take it from there.
I look forward to hearing back from you and working with you again.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness as always.
Kymm Reynolds.

Here's my blog link...
I know it's totally out of date by now, but my offers are still valid and I hope you take me up on some of them.

Take care.

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