Monday, 13 May 2013

14th downline mail dated 01/05/13

MUST READ! Please read this mail asap!!!
(1/5/13) {name} seriously, you NEED to do this NOW!!!

Our TEAM LEADER Denise Hayes is launching a TEAM BUILD only for our TEAM within the next day or so.
At the moment she is adding ALL our downline that have joined TOAN to it.
I highly recommend if you have not yet joined TOAN you do so and and become a part of this build IMMEDIATELY!!!
You are NEVER going to get a better chance than this EVER!

Log into your The7KTeamSystem core program page.
Join TOAN by taking up the 15 day FREE/$1 trial.
Return to the core programs page and add your TOAN ID.
Go to your 7K profile page and add your TOAN ID.
Register for TEAM#3 at UltimateIncomeTeam.
Confirm your email.
Log-In and add your 7KTeam and TOAN details.

After you have done that...
Reply to this mail with your cloaked/tracked 7KGuideBook link.
You MUST track this link so you can see that I am promoting for you too. 
I will add your link to my rotator until you have 2 referrals (you should try and get 1 personally too so I wont give you 3).
If you are prepared to work closely with me here, I will also post 1 each banner, button, log-in, hot link and traffic link for you too.

Getting 3 referrals just got easier.
Join TOAN to qualify for the team build (until you have 3).
Get your first and you qualify for the FREE ad co-op position here at 7K (until you have 3).
Be added to my rotator until you have 2, plus I will promote for you too if you are willing to work with me and be active.

If I still have 20+ none TOAN referrals here at 7K after today I'll be very surprised.
Hey some of you will even benefit from the spillover this will create too.

Want to earn $7K in 7 weeks?
Have a $20 advertising budget?
Can you follow simple instructions?


Let's do it then.
$88.5K a month really is possible here and then we'll move into TrafficWave and start all over again with that.

Want a little pocket change along the way?
I'll PIF your positions into UltimateCashAds and CashInOnBanners too saving you $15 with unlimited earning potentials.


I look forward to working with you.
Kymm Reynolds.

P.S. The links you need to log in here at 7K and register for UIT are green underlined.

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