Monday, 13 May 2013

8th downline mail dated 13/04/13

Hi {name} 13/4/13  Please Read! Important update.

I just found out my mails from here only go to my direct referrals.
Please feel free though to pass down anything I send you to your referrals too, okay?
I thought this mailer went down through all levels but unfortunately not.

Hey, it's a good thing for me though. 
I reserve my bribes and rewards ONLY to my personal referrals and have been messaging you all twice NOT wanting my offers to go downline.
Now I know this, I can concentrate on offering my support to YOU.

Good for you all too, less mails from me, lol.
Of course you can also opt out from recieving my mails below or inside the members area 
If you really don't want to get involved here by joining TOAN you can also delete your account.

So now we have that sorted, let's start having FUN!

Here's the link to my blog-spot...

PLEASE just go along and read at least the page I've directed you to.
A follow would be nice too helping me to get better SEO recognition etc, and you to get my updates as and when I make them.
It wont cost you anything and you could even benefit from the FREEBIES I'm offering and intend to add later.

WILL add more offers soon too. Just taking me a little time to get them set up to benefit you.
The last thing I want is to look as if I'm obligating you to join or upgrade into anything you don't want.

ALL bribes/rewards will be 7KTeam related, but I'm new to most of these programs too so need to see how they work first before seeing what I can offer.
Here's an example...
I just found out last night that there is a way I can pay your first upgrade payment at TrafficWave giving you 60 days FREE membership instead of 30 days.
It's a NO BRAINER! and I will send more details soon.
I'm sure as I use the other sites I will find similar offers I can pass down too.

My blog is set up more for the use of newbies so I've kept it as simple as possible.
I am getting to work on taking this opportunity off line, and set up this blog more as a training aid for new to online members to refer to.

Hey, keeping it simple is best for all of us, and by using my blog I can help more of you by having a translate button installed to also help members whos first language isn't English.

REMEMBER I work on the basis of duplication so feel free to use anything I do or send you.
I'm no pro here, but I am seeing more and more results as I develop daily and it's this that I want to pass down to my TEAM to help you bi-pass the trial and error stage and move straight on to getting some results.

NEVER will I S*P*A*M you, I simply pass on what is relevant here to The7KTeamSystem, and am sure if you ARE looking for something else, as our relationship develops you WILL ask.
I'm always ready to pass on hints and tips if you request them.

So there it is...
Everything I have to offer from what I've learned so far in a simple blog.
Hope you like it and make use of it.
Any questions?
Hit Reply NOW!!!
I will get back to you asap or even faster if you join my FB Group just for The7KTeamSystem.

Thanks for reading.

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