Monday, 13 May 2013

6th downline mail dated 08/04/13

Hello again {name} 8/4/13
A few of you have now got back to me explaining your reason for not joining TOAN at the moment.
I totally understand that $19.95 a month is more than some of you can afford or are ready to part with right now.
There are no guarantees here, I wish there were.
If I could get you all 3 personally you know I would, but that's not possible. All I can do is help you, support you and work with you day by day for as long as you need.

Only YOU can decide if you can do this for yourself.
If you don't get 3 right away, or even the 1 you need to to qualify for your Ad Co-op position then you might be thinking that the $19.95 monthly fee is wasted. It's NOT!!!

Until you try TOAN and the advertising it gives you access to you will never know how powerful it can be both for your 7KTeam business and for ALL the other business' you are building right now.

Let me put this to you...

Join ALL other programs within The7KTeamSystem FREE, add your links to the downline builder, add your The7KTeamSystem link and banners to all the advertising you get from these programs (ALL this is totally FREE to do other than a little time) then just sit back and see what happens.

My betting is you will get some response here within the next 15 days.
I'm not saying that PAID members will join you in droves, just that if you put in a little time and effort you could see some results.
The7KTeam is set up the way it is to help us to build by giving us some of the hottest advertising sites around plus a few little income streams to help us towards the subscription fees first in TOAN and later, to double your income, in TrafficWave too.

CashInOnBanners gives you FREE banner advertising and if you decide to upgrade for just $10 and promote this opportunity later, you are rewarded not only with 100% commissions straight to your PayPal/Payza account but with even more banners and ALL upgraded members get totally viral exposure having their banners shown randomly on all members' pages too. 

UltimateCashAds offers responsive text, ad board and banner advertising for a tiny $5 payment which puts you in a position to earn multiple $5 payments as new members join under you. As you start to earn you can move up through 12 levels each with a higher 100% commission value.
Each member you refer or that are passed up to you are worth a potential $6,437 and being a 1-up program this could continue to grow continually FOREVER on auto-pilot.

Our upline (and UCA admin) Denise Hayes has included GlobalWealthForce, her $2 feeder matrix series that funds your way into 9 leading opportunities and guarantees every member that joins you in this AMAZING program will folow you into ALL of the linked programs too. How cool is that?

Then there are all the other safelists and surf sites which offer very responsive advertising FREE. Some may require you to surf a few sites etc but are ultimately zero out of pocket.

Do me a favour and take on this challenge.
It will probably only take around an hour or so to set it all up.
Contact me when you are done and I'll give you my TAE links and an exclusive promo code so you can add even more advertising around.

I'll throw in an SJV Upgrade and a set n forget solo for the day of your choice lasting 26 weeks (6 months) at each of my 3 TAEs if you decide to take up the TOAN 15 day trial too.

Make this the day you decide to stop playing around and build a real business with an awesome TEAM and be on your way to replacing your present income and eventually firing your boss.

Is under $0.70c a day ($20 a month) too much to spend on setting yourself up in such an incredible business?
Hey it's cheaper than buying your local news paper each day to look for a new job, much more rewarding and tons more fun.
Get started right now and get back to me.

Join EVERYTHING except TOAN right now for FREE.
After you see the results you get overall, I'm positive you will decide that this really is worth putting a little effort into and join us in TOAN where you can add all your links to all the programs and really start earning here.
I look forward to hearing from you.

That's all for now, but will be in touch again soon.
Thanks for reading.

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