Thursday, 6 June 2013

Your Sponsor Recommends Buy Your Own House. Check it out...

Hi again {name} (6/6/13)

I'm so excited about something right now.
Check out my Recommended Program (hopefully it will be approved before launch on Saturday) in the Core Programs here at The7KTeamSystem.

I'm sure you'll agree it's truly amazing.
Another 3x, just like here, TrafficWave and TOAN, but with this you really can Buy Your Own House for just $39. Click the link here to check it out until it gets approved here at 7K. Make sure Kymm Reynolds is showing as sponsor as even when it gets approved @I will still need to add my ID.

Want to Buy Your Own House for just $39?
You CAN.

I bought the 3 positions under myself as investments for my 3 young children (you can buy as many as you like but make sure you can sell the positions under each one you buy or this wont work.
The best way I find is to get 3 friends with you and work together to find 9, it works for 7K too (hint, hint).

I am hoping to send down a little spill as I take this offlline to my friends and family as a 'Refer-A-Friend' Gift Voucher Scheme.

To activate their voucher they will need to recommend this to/buy it for 3 friends who'll do the same, thus ensuring this goes down in 3s.
I'm offering this to up to 27 of my closest friends and family members, filling my 3rd level.

My second level is almost full now already, so instead of just 9 friends I'm opening it up to 27. 
Boy, is this selling well.

This will double up as their Christmas present, I usually buy them some kind of Gift Voucher for clothes, houseware, beauty etc. probably for the same amount and sometimes more.
This year they're ALL getting a HOUSE!
Believe me, EVERYONE wants the chance to buy a home for just $39. Some take a little convincing, but most will snatch your hand off for this chance of a lifetime opportunity.

Anyway, this launches on Saturday so you have a day or two to check it out and get your links out.
With this one I DO recommend you offer it to friends and family first.
They'll never forgive you if you don't.

I'm even using it as an incentive for them to get involved here.
If they get 3 who get 3 and so on, I can see if they want to use the same people to build a real business.
I'm certain once they see the power of 3, they will realize this really is something they CAN do too.

Worth a try, eh?

Go check out my Recommended Program now, join and have a look around. 
You must be crazy if you don't take up this offer to buy your house for $39.
BTW, you just need 12 to cycle the 3x2 and earn $60 ca$h, $75 in your 7x4 Housing Fund Account and a new position back at the top to cycle over and over again.
Not bad for $39 one-time and it just keeps paying you to buy your own house again and again and again...

Will try and get a 7K update out to you tomorrow.
So much happening around here everyday.
Make sure you check out the FOCUS 7 Day Success Plan.
I'm hearing great things about it and will be FOCUSSING more on it myself too.
Great for newbies and seasoned marketers alike so don't dismiss it. It works because of it's simplicity so why try and complicate things.
Just DO IT!

To our mutual success.
P.S. Remember you can contact me anytime if you need help or have any questions. I'll always get back to you asap.

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