Saturday, 22 June 2013

Thanks to everyone who replied to my last mail. I really appreciate you.

Hello again {name} (22/6/13)

I would like to thank all of you that replied to my last mail.
It was so good to see many of you actually read my mails.
I have noticed that some of you aren't taking me up on my offers though.
Most have no obligation, just my way of thanking you for joining with me and hopefully helping you to promote and earn your TOAN subscription fees so you can concentrate more on building our TEAM and not worrying about the cost.
Join my 7K Support Group on Facebook and go to the TAE file.
You will find a promo code to my sites in there worth 1 million points.
This is in addition to the bonus I offered in my last mail and you can invite your own referrals to join my sites under you and give them this bonus code.
Inviting your referrals to my Group too will help us all to support eachother and work better as a TEAM.

In case you missed my last message or any of my others, feel free to visit my dedicated Blog Spot where I have published many of them.
Below is my last mail, please take me up on my offers...

If you recieve this can you PLEASE reply???

Hi {name}
First a quick message to see how many of you actually recieve and/or read my mails.
All I want you to do is hit reply and say 'HI', if you get this.

I also want to make you probably the biggest offer I have yet to date.

Log in HERE 
I will pay your upgrades in both UltimateCashAds and CashInOnBanners through my link in the PrimaryAdResources.
When you are ready to get earning go to Core Programs...
Join both TheOnlineAdNetwork and TrafficWave taking up the FREE trials.
I will pay your second month at TrafficWave via an option in there called Matrix Busters you just need to go and select that option.

I will then post a ton of advertising for your 7K link and add it to my rotator (just send me your cloaked/tracked 7K link).
I will also give you SJV upgrades at all 3 of my TAEs and 5 million points to purchase as much advertising as you need, and credit your account with a 52week SetAndForget SoloAd for the day of your choice (send details via support). 
You can use this to promote whatever you like, but I would prefer you use it to promote 7K or at least one of its Core or Primary Programs.

I will help you in any way I can to get you earning at least your subscription fees within 6 months, but youMUST be active and responsive. I can't and wont do this for you!
Your first month will be FREE.
First join UCA and CIOB so I can pay you in and you can get your ads set up in and for them (make sure you visit the Downline Builder sections in all sites and add your links for any of the programs you are a member too)
Join TrafficWave and take up the 30 day FREE trial and select the Matrix Busters option so I know to pay your second month for you.
After 15 days, join TOAN and take up the 15 day FREE trial.
I will send you the links to my TAEs when you reply to this mail and request them to avoid any S*P*A*Mcomplaints here.

BTW, you don't have to join TW under me if you are already a member there, and can take as long as you need to upgrade at TOAN, although the sooner you do, the sooner we can get to work.
We can get you earning via UCA and CIOB first if you need to build up your funds.

I think you MUST see by now that I am very dedicated to The7KTeamSystem and helping my TEAM build and start earning here too.
If you are new here, please read ALL my other 7K mailer mails including this one on my Blog Spot designed to help you succeed here.

I give you $15 worth of upgrades into UCA and CIOB
I pay your second month at TW saving you the $17.95 if you join under me and take up the Matrix Busteroption.
You get $45 of upgrades into my TAEs plus 5M points at each worth $150 minimum and a SNFSolo for 52weeks at each worth $78 minimum.
Plus I will post 1 each Banner, Button Banner, Log-In Ad, Traffic Link and Hot Link to 154 TAEs with 69,460+ members containing the cloaked link you send me (contact me for a GREAT offer if you want to access this advertising resource).
If you use the SNFSoloAd to promote 7K I will also send out one each EQ NetworkAd, Clix-R-Us NetworkAd and PowerBoost SuperSoloAd using the ads copy you submit and also post it to 154 TAEs via my multi-TAE-submitter site.

Do you see how this works?
The more I see you are working here, the more I will help you.

All the advertising I give you should be enough to get you started quickly and hopefully even get you qualified for the FREE Ad Co-op position too.
So what do you say?
Are you with me?
As a TEAM we can do this.

Make sure you join my Facebook Group too so we can work together and get to know each other better.

I look forward to hearing back from you.
Much success.

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