Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I'm back and more dedicated than ever. Please read!

Hello again {name} (04/07/13)
I'm back online again now.
I bet you enjoyed the break as much as I did, lol.
I'm guessing if you don't like my little updates, you can simply turn off my mails within 7K or even delete your account if you are NOT interested in working with me here.

I had a great weekend away with a few friends for my birthday and am in the middle of decorating and clearing my house.
Probably going to take until Christmas until I have everything the way I want it, and then I can start over again in the New Year, lol.

Actually, it is all going pretty well I think. At least my kids now have new bedrooms as they want them. 
Taking a little break from it all for the Summer before doing my own room and the main part of the house. Just have a ton of sorting to do now. NOT looking forward to that bit, lol. I hate getting rid of anything, I honestly mourn over things I throw away.
I know it's not healthy, but I can't help it.

Got a couple of yard sales planned over the Summer to help me de-clutter. It's amazing how much stuff we accumilate year by year. I could probably give Toys-R-Us a run for their money with the amount of kids stuff I have hoarded around here.
Might even have to cancel Christmas this year. Santa always goes OTT and my kids simply don't need more toys and games.

In the mean time, while I have a few weeks, I'm really going to push 7K to the max.
Those of you that have not yet joined TOAN or who have allowed your subscriptions to lapse need to sign up right now to benefit.

Take up the 15 day trial, reply to this mail and let me help you. I can't/wont do it for you but will do all I can to get you on your way.
It only costs 66c a day, and with the potential here being $88K a month plus bonus' I'm sure you can see this is a really worthwhle investment.

We all just need to get 3 to break even and work with them to do the same to be on your way to financial security. It might take a few months to see any results, but a little effort, committment and support we can ALL succeed here at 7K.

Here's my link for TOAN...
If you previously joined and added your ID, mine will have been wiped from your Core Program Page and you will sign up without sponsor and NOT be part of the 7K TEAM.

Take me up on my offer of paid upgrades and advertising.
I'm going to add an offer page to my blog when I get a minute, but you can always read my latest posts/mails for details of these here...

I look forward to working with you to build this.
Join me on FB for more support...

To our mutual success.

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