Saturday, 15 June 2013

Build your easy peazy 3x10 with me FREE to dominate 7K and more.

Hi {name}

I am building an easy-peazy 3x10 downline through The7KTeamSystem into TheOnlineAdNetworkTrafficWave and more.

Do you want to be a part of it?

All you need to do is duplicate this simple plan twice yourself with 100% support and guidance.

I am building this on Facebook so you WILL need to have an account there to participate.

Friend me on Facebook...
Kymm Reynolds
and join this support group I set up specifically for this build...
The7KTeamSystem One-On-One Build.

Please join and read the details and files, before deciding whether you want to take part or not.

Simple duplication, a little effort and a will to succeed is all you need here to dominate MLM forever, and will see you earning $170K+ a month within the next year or two maybe sooner depending on how active we all are.

This build is FREE and you will NOT need join anything until you are guaranteed to at least have our membership/subscription fees covered.

Do NOT join if you do NOT intend to put in the effort required or it wont work and you'll spoil this for EVERYONE else.

Hope to see you there.
Kymm Reynolds.

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