Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Personal Intoduction.

Hi there. 
First allow me to personally welcome you to my blog...

Kymm's Guide To The7KTeamSystem...

I thank you for joining me here, now let me introduce myself...

My name is Kymm Reynolds and I am here to help any of you with your online business'.

Please always feel free to contact me if you are struggling online at any time. (This isNOT an open invitation to S*P*A*M me though okay).

This is a very competitive marketplace and as such it always helps if you have support in place to help you reach your goals and achieve success from within the crowd. I am here to offer that support, and hope I can help you reach those goals and achieve that success.

I am still learning too, but some of the things I have already learned might be of some use to some of you.

I definitely am NO expert here, and also welcome support and advice from my friends, sponsors and TEAMs (that is the term I use for my referrals and fellow marketers).

I have only been working online for about 2 years, and much of that time was wasted moving from one thing to another trying to find my 'niche'.

Finally quite a few months ago I gave up on so called 'legitimate online business' (ie the expensive, money gobbling training and marketing sector), and started to concentrate on MLM. (multi level marketing).

I have met many, many wonderful and amazing people here that have helped and advised me. 

People such as Denise Hayes (my mentor and sponsor in many programs). Also the admin of my 2 favourite programs, UltimateCashAds and GlobalWealthForce and their sister site the UltimateDownlineBuilder

Greg Parkin (admin of 12 TAEs and my first REAL online contact leading me into the world of admining TAEs and sponsor into RealtimeScriptStore where I purchased my first TAE script, and under his and Kenny Lessing Jnr's guidance set up my first TAE). 

Richard Granzow (who has helped me in all aspects of advertising and promotions, the admin of my trackers and link cloakers, the provider of my NetworkAds as well as becoming a true and dear friend). 

Cathy Evans who has many contacts and whom I have used to help me make money either by following her lead and joining many quick cash earners or through bringing her in to help me promote new things. 

Then there's, probably not the last and definitely not least Jane Mark who more or less owns everything that is anything worthwhile online such as Sokule, (she has made her fortune online starting more or less where we are now and developing her tools and marketing strategies as she went along). My own asperations come from the impact all these inspirational people have had in my life.

It is in MLM that I made my first few dollars.I had dabbled a little here and there in this, both online and off, but like many around us thought that they were ponzi or pyramid schemes and although I enjoyed the thrill, dismissed them as pipedreams saw them as a gamble.
I'm here to tell you now that these are NOT  illegal pyramid or ponzi schemes. The majority of online programs and opportunities are legitimate and run by honest admins.

I'm not saying MLM is for everyone, there are hundreds of ways to make money online, blogging, article writing, filling out surveys and testing products, even selling on ebay, drop-shipping, monetized websites. I've tried most things and found MLM is the one thing I can do and it gives me the freedom to be a mum. I choose if, when and how long I work (well I like it that much that I probably spend more time online than I could do, but by choice not necessity).

So anyway, I think I will leave it there for now (like I said, blogging isn't my thing). I'll try and get back regularly to update, and always reply if you comment/ask. Until the next time. I wish you health, wealth and happiness.

Kymm Reynolds.


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